Asana Pillow

Asana Pillow


No matter your timezone or floor, you can now practice
yoga on-the-go wherever, whenever. Whether it be the
park, beach, hotel room or yoga studio, the Asana pillow is
designed to be light, portable and serve multiple
purposes. This 2-in-1 neck pillow and yoga mat can be
used as a towel, baby changing mat and blanket - just to
name a few!

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MAT: 85% polyester, 15% nylon,
1/10” (2.5mm) thick, 24” wide x 72" long,
Non-slip fabric with weave pattern for
extra grip, Thin, non-slip layer on
underside to help with surface grip,
Machine wash in cold water (no fabric
softener) , Tumble dry low.

PILLOW: 100% polyester, Machine wash
in cold water, Tumble dry low.

WEIGHT: Whole product (neck pillow &
yoga mat) only 1.5 pounds or .6


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