The 3 Most Commonly Questions Asked on My Journey Around the World

In the past five months, I've been many places and met countless people. Once the small talk ceases and conversation gets to why I am halfway across the world alone, one of the three following questions are usually asked: 1) who is paying for your trip?

Answer: ME.

This feels especially nice to answer. No, not my daddy and mommy contrary to first assumptions made.

On top of working as a model, I worked a "real job" at a nightclub in Miami Beach and barely spent a dime from these paychecks. Right into the bank! I saved. I seriously saved. Also, I sold my car before I left.

2) what's your favorite place so far?

My answer: The Greek Islands.

This is always a tough question to answer because I fall in love with every place I go! Really, each city in each country I visit has a special place in my heart. The kindhearted locals, the mouthwatering food, and the gorgeous landscapes will forever be with me but, The Greek Islands won me over. And I definitely plan to be back.

3) what do you miss most about being away from home?

My answer: having my toiletries in one place.

I can't help but laugh at this answer but it's the honest truth. I guess this means I don't miss much about home? LOL. So, to explain...I love toiletries. One of my favorite things on earth is LUSH cosmetics. I love soaps and scrubs and masks and perfumes and lotions, you name it. But, while traveling I'm not only forced to limit my consumption of such luxury items but I am constantly in a transient state that forces me to pack up all my beloved toiletries on a daily basis. What a hassle? Yes. Sometimes I'll even forget about that argan body conditioner hidden away at the bottom of my bag! What a horror! Hahah ok, I'll stop.

I just miss having all my cosmetics lined up neatly in my cute, little bathroom cabinet waiting to be used. Weird? Possibly. The truth? Definitely.

So there it is. The three most common questions asked throughout my travels!