Go with the Flow


Upon arriving to Jakarta airport's Air Asia check-in counter this morning, Lauren and I were greeted with bad news. In broken English, the attendant was trying to convey that our flight to Bali would be disrupted. Immediatley,we thought the worst. “Are we going to be stuck here overnight?!” or “will we ever get to our destination?!” but when we were finally able to understand the flight is “only” delayed until 5 hours later, Lauren and I sighed with relief. A few minutes later, when I was able to calmly reflect upon this moment, I thought it was so great that instead of huffing and puffing about our flight being delayed, Lauren and I were actually ecstatic that we were able to still get on a flight today! Apparently there has been an eruption in one of Indonesia’s most active volcanoes, Mount Raung, and the ash has been disrupting air traffic in and out of Bali’s Denpasar international airport so they had to shut it down temporarily.

Well, over 6 hours later, we are still here waiting for our flight that continues to get delayed because of the air traffic piling up at Bali’s airport after being shut down all day. Although a bit annoyed and even "hangry" at times, we have kept our cool and I think this is one of the most essential elements of travel: going with the flow.

And, per usual, I got an oh-so-appropriate “Note From the Universe” today that told me, "From here, of course, all earthly problems appear small - really small. That's because we know they're fleeting, they prepare you for the "best of your life," and you chose them, not wanting to obtain their rewards in any other way.

But from where you are, of course, they can look gigantic. That's because they're often seen as permanent, limiting, and imposed upon you by chance, fate, or circumstance.

Tara, get real. See them from our perspective.

To the best of your life starting right now,

-The Universe” I could have easily allowed myself to have a really, really shitty day because of this travel disruption but instead, I “got real” and understood that it really isn’t a big deal. A lot of life isn’t as big of a deal as we make it out to be. My mantra when it comes to negative circumstances that happen to leak into my beautiful little life at times is: will I remember this in one year? No. I will remember traveling the world with my best friend and all the beautiful memories we made.