My visit to The Alhambra

I love visiting historical places.There's something about knowing that the very marble you're walking on was once walked on by kings from the beginnings of time. Since I'm from the U.S., I haven't experienced many ancient historical site visits in my lifetime so this was definitely a treat for a little history nerd like me! The Alhambra dates back from the 9th century but was just used as a fortress in these days. It wasn't until the 13th century that the royal residence was established at The Alhambra. It's interesting because there were so many kings - whether they were Muslim or Christian - that made improvements when they moved in. So much was added and annexed throughout the centuries, and that's why I believe The Alhambra is such a fantastic place today. Thankfully, much of The Alhambra was able to be restored so now, visitors like me, can enjoy everything it has to offer. The city of Granada itself is also very beautiful and there's a lot of Moorish (Muslim) influence here. Granada was actually the last city in Spain where the Muslims were permitted, until the Christians pushed them out in the 15th century. So, here's a gallery from my visit to this gorgeous location. Enjoy!