• Travel yoga gear for the "Om the Go" lifestyle •  

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Our signature product, the Asana Pillow, is a 2-in-1 neck pillow and yoga mat. A pillow for the journey and a mat for the destination. 

While en route, your neck pillow is a essential. But when you arrive at your destination, that same pillow becomes useless. When packing, a yoga mat takes up too much space. But when you get settled, all you want is your mat for a tranquil post-travel practice. 

Om the Go was founded on the idea that one should not have to choose between travel and wellness. We believe the "Om" lifestyle of calm, comfort, and wellness is possible while "On" the go.

Life doesn't have to be about compromises. You can have it all. 


• Our Story •

Om the Go was conceived during a trip around the world. Founded by travelers, for travelers, we aim to make your life easier on the road. 

Have you ever looked at two valuable items and wished you could combine them? Like a car and a bed, or a phone and a computer?

Founder, Tara Lynn, felt that way about her neck pillow and yoga mat. While traveling and practicing, it was a burden to carry a large, heavy mat. Limited to a backpack, she needed something to complement her lifestyle. Her solution became the Asana Pillow.

Tara along with her sister and co-founder, Corey, never leave yoga at home. Having explored more than 43 countries, this design was the result of their own travel needs. Follow their journey here.